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In the State of Oregon, continuing education is required for active license renewals.
Brokers, principal brokers and property managers must complete 30 hours of continuing education from
 certified continuing education providers.

If you are renewing a broke license for the first time, you must complete the 27-hour
Broker Advanced Practices course and the 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course from
Certified Continuing Education Providers.

If you are renewing a broke license and it is not your first renewal, you must complete
 27 additional ours of continuing education in the two years preceding your license renewal from
Certified Continuing Education Providers in required topics.

As a Certified Continuing Education Provider, Ticor Title, provides you with many
opportunities to earn continuing education hours.

If you find yourself close to renewal and short on hours, we have over 20 hours of
online class at www.ticorexpress.com Contact your Sale Executive to learn more!